cleanlinessCleanliness must be observed at all times in the interests of health and safety for all.

The body and hair must be clean, especially hands and feet.

Fingernails and toenails are to be clean and cut short.

The chewing of gum, eating, drinking or smoking are not permitted in the dojo.
A student must wear footwear when not on the mat, particularly when leaving to use the toilets.

Injury and Blood

Blood that falls onto the mat must be immediately cleaned away before training can continue in that area.

A student that is carrying an injury must inform a Chief Instructor so that the Chief Instructor may give alternative exercises to the student to prevent further aggravation of the injury.

Injuries that occur during training must be reported immediately to a Chief Instructor for evaluation and/or treatment.

An injured person must be immediately removed from the mat and the injury treated where the skin is broken and blood is present.

An injured person will not be allowed to return to the mat until the injury has stopped bleeding, been cleaned and properly dressed to prevent further injury and/or loss of blood.

All bloodstained clothing must be removed from an injured person before they are allowed to return to the mat.

Bloodstained clothing, particularly a gi, must be properly cleaned before they are worn in the dojo.

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