Dojo and Mat Etiquette

humilityfordojoThe code of conduct applies to all members of Activ8 Self Defence and, unless specifically stated, it shall apply at all times, both inside and outside the dojo.
Any member found violating the code of conduct through unacceptable actions or behaviour will be subject to disciplinary action.

A member must exercise respect, self-restraint and humility at all times.
Techniques are NOT to be used indiscriminately, for showing off or as an initial form of aggression.

Techniques are ONLY to be used in a genuine self-defence situation.
A member must not bring discredit to Activ8 Self Defence.

A member must not act in an intentionally violent or harmful manner.
A member will not train under the influence of any intoxicating, performance enhancing or illicit substances.

Substance abuse will not be tolerated and a member will automatically have their membership of Activ8 Self Defence permanently revoked if they do so.

Members will not swear or use any form of bad language within the dojo and they should not engage in idle talk or frivolous behaviour.
Training must be brisk and sincere.

Entering and leaving the Dojo

A student must bow at the door of the dojo as they enter or leave.
If a student wishes to interrupt a class, they must wait at the side of the mat for an appropriate moment, then approach and bow to the Sensei in charge.

After the interruption, the student must bow to the Sensei.

If a student arrives late or wishes to leave early from a class, they must approach the Sensei in charge and give a reason.

If a student wishes to leave the dojo for a short period of time they must approach the Sensei in charge, ask to be excused and give a reason.

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