coursesActiv8 Self Defence has a number of clients which are currently connected with the organisation. The client base ranges from primary schools, (providing basic training and catering for 4 year olds) to high schools and colleges, (providing a more detailed approach to self-defence), to corporate organisations (tailoring training for the speciality needs of the organisation), to individual consumers. Lessons and courses may be tailored to suit your needs and your requirements.

The nature of modern society indicates that the numbers of hostile situations are only likely to increase. Research shows that 80% of people who react actually manage to get themselves out of the hostile situations. The provision of our courses hopes to aid this, providing the students with the knowledge and technique to react in the event of an armed or unarmed attack. The courses are developed so that they are easy to learn, practical and extremely effective as self defence for both men and women of any age or ability.

A simple six week course outline is shown below, structured for a mixed gender group.


(Example Syllabus for teenagers of a mix gender)

Week Number Syllabus
Week 1 Defences from:
1. Back Strangles
2. Front Strangles
3. Side Headlocks
4. From Falls (Front, Rear and Side)
5. Basic blocking Techniques
6. Basic Anatomy
Week 2 Revision from Previous Week
1. Defences from being held over the arms from behind
2. Defences when held under the arms from behind
3. Defences when held over the arms from the front
4. Defences when held under the arms from the front
5. Escape from a rear choke
6. Punching and Kicking onto a pad
Week3 Revision from previous week
Ground Strangles
1. From the top
2. From the side
3. From kneeling behind
4. Defence against a kick to the body whilst on the floor
5. Anatomy Revision
Week 4 Revision from previous week
1. Front Snap Kick
2. Front Thrust Kick
3. Side Thrust Kick
4. Side Snap kick
5. Roundhouse kick
6. Striking using different parts of the hand
7. Defences against kicks
Week 5 Revision from previous week
1. Defence against knife attack (rubber knives used)
2. Defence against a baton
3. Defence against a grab/push
4. Defence against a choke against a wall
5. Anatomy and Diet
Week 6

Revision from previous week
Exam and Certificate

** Courtesy, respect and discipline will all have been assessed to determine if the student gets their certificate**

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Domestic Violence

Learn practical self defence techniques to help stop violent abuse. You will learn to de-escalate domesticviolencenegative situations whilst being able to defend yourself from a violent partner/family member.