Stop Bullying

Help Stop Bullying!

By attending our classes at Activ8 Self Defence, students learn to improve their confidence, fitness levels and gain a range of invaluable self-protection skills that could prevent various types of abuse, assault and could save their lives, ultimately giving the students peace of mind.

Bullying is a major problem within our society. A recent survey showed that the overwhelming number of bullied children started between the ages of 7 and 13. The highest peaks seem to correspond with entering secondary school, aged 11 or 12. A significant number related that bullying started at the very young age of 5 or 6, as soon as they entered primary school.

The statistics are horrific, out of 1000 people who have been bullied:

Women: 62% were physically abused
93% were verbally abused
60% were ostracised

Men: 75% were physically abused
85% were verbally abused
30% were ostracised

Should you wish to book a course for yourself, your family or organisation, please contact Jo Kitchener on 01253 714444 or 08703 120228

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Domestic Violence

Learn practical self defence techniques to help stop violent abuse. You will learn to de-escalate domesticviolencenegative situations whilst being able to defend yourself from a violent partner/family member.