Jo Kitchener


Jo is a senior instructor with Activ8 Self Defence and has been teaching jujitsu for the last ten years. She has previously managed hotels and businesses, therefore her experience has proven to be invaluable as Jo is the General Manager at Activ8 Self Defence and keeps the business running smoothly. She has also been an integral part of its growth and continues to help drive the company forward.

She teaches jujitsu in schools across the Lancashire area and teaches evening classes in her local area.

Jo is passionate that women and children should be able to defend themselves effectively and have the skills needed to de-escalate potential hostile situations.

She has developed and run a number of courses for women who have suffered from domestic violence.

These courses are designed to empower women and give them back their confidence.


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Domestic Violence

Learn practical self defence techniques to help stop violent abuse. You will learn to de-escalate domesticviolencenegative situations whilst being able to defend yourself from a violent partner/family member.