Mark Bruffell


Mark is a senior black belt jujitsu instructor who comes from a military background who has served his country in troubled areas across the globe.

Mark is a big man with a big heart and has a very approachable demeanour which allows his students to feel they can talk to him and ask advice with regards to their training.

He is a firm believer in discipline and believes respect has to be earned through a lot of hard work and practising what you preach.

His life experiences have lead him to believe that a quiet word of encouragement does more to bring a student to the conviction of self belief. Mark is able to bring this knowledge to bear from his military background and with coaching students of all age groups over a number of years in various sports and martial arts.

Mark has a personality and persona that the students quickly warm to, they enjoy and respond to the classes he takes.

Mark teaches martial arts and self defence in the UK and Spain.

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Domestic Violence

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