Sensei Sarah

Sarah is one of our youngest but mature instructors who has been with Activ8 for 7 years and is a highly competent Black Belt. She has completed her NVQ level 2 in instructing and coaching, and has paediatric first aid and DBS certificates.

Sarah has reached the level of Stage 2 instructor in the activ8 teacher training course. Sarah is talented in technical skill and speed, having experience in working with all age groups and belt levels. Sarah is also the co-ordinator and team leader for our holiday club and part of our activ8 parties’ team. She specialises in teaching ages 7-11 when their fine motor skills have developed and technique is ready to be improved; also specialising in teaching weapons.

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Domestic Violence

Learn practical self defence techniques to help stop violent abuse. You will learn to de-escalate domesticviolencenegative situations whilst being able to defend yourself from a violent partner/family member.